LigoDLB 5ac

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LigoDLB 5ac

Cost-Effective Wireless Device with External Antenna Support

Equipped with a 750MHz QCA 9563 CPU, a QCA 9882 radio, and 64MB RAM/16MB Flash Memory, the LigoDLB ۵ac brings efficiency to the next level.

The state-of-the-art RF design with N connectors for external antennas delivers great output power, improves range, and enables capacity over 256QAM.

+۵۰۰Mbps of throughput—the result of a powerful hardware platform with an 802.11ac technology-based radio and the iPoll proprietary data transmission protocol.

The LigoDLBac Series is backward-compatible with LigoDLB using iPoll, extending the lifetime of DLB devices and making network expansion and upgrading straightforward and inexpensive.

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ارتباطات روستایی

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نظارت تصویری

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دسترسی اینترنت

Integrated Surge Protection

۳kV line-to-ground and 1kV line-to-line protection allows operation under harsh weather conditions and unstable electrical installations.
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LigoWave OS

LigoWave OS contains all of the essential features for establishing fast, strong, and reliable PTMP networks. The LigoWave OS includes IPv6 Bridge & Router Support, SSDP & Bonjour Device Discovery Options, Flexible Traffic Shaping, DHCP Option 82, and more. The user interface is built on HTML5 with responsive design.

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iPoll 3: Enhanced Performance Protocol

LigoWave’s iPoll™ PTMP (Point-to-Multi-Point) proprietary protocol is an innovative solution, eliminating transmission congestion and close-cluster interference created in wireless PTMP installations.

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Distance recommendations (max):
PTMP Mode: Antenna dependant
PTP mode: ۲۰km (antenna dependent)

۱ x 1000 Base-T (passive PoE 24V)

۵۰۰+ Mbps capacity
High power (30 dBm) radio
Proprietary protocol (iPoll)
Zero loss design
Integrated surge protection
N-Connectors for external antenna

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